The 360 degree views from here are amazing

Bump stocks allow semi automatic rifles to fire nearly as fast as an automatic rifle.A woman who survived the Las Vegas shooting said she remained next to one of the victims as he died, even though she had never met him.Heather Gooze, a bartender at the country music festival where the shooting occurred, said she didn want 23 year old Jordan McIldoon to be a Doe, unnamed and alone.death mattered, and I wanted him to be remembered, Gooze told the Senate Judiciary Committee.Debate on the House bill became heated at times.Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D Ore., said his state forces gun owners to meet an array of conditions before obtaining a concealed carry permit in contrast to some states where you 21 and have a pulse you can get a gun permit.Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R Va., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said those who carry concealed handguns not only are better prepared to defend themselves, but can help others.

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cheap air jordan All pleaded not guilty, said their lawyers, Juni Ganguli, Claiborne Ferguson and Murray Wells. (Photo: Brad Vest/The Commercial Appeal)More:Prosecutor: Memphis first grader killed in retaliation for another girl’s deathMore:Tears, calls for justice fill funerals for two slain girlsOn Thursday during the trial, the statement of a witness who said he can’t remember anymore due to a stroke, was read to the jury.According to the statement, Theodis «Nunu» Turner told Memphis police a week after the shooting that he was at his house when Clayton came over in a red truck and sold him some «bars.»Stokes then pulled up in a grey Infiniti with «B,»and Turner noticed B had a black gun, according to the statementread in court by Memphis police Det. Nino Frias.»(Stokes) called (Clayton) to the side and told him to bring him a body for a body and he wanted it now,» Turner said in the statement.Turner said Stokes blamed Clayton for his sister getting killed.»(Clayton) shot somebody the night before, and they thought that (Clayton) lived at (Stokes’) house, because the same guy (Clayton) shot robbed (Clayton) some months back at (Stokes’) house,»Turner said in the statement.Another witness, codefendant Carl Johnson, who is not on trial this week, said Clayton, Brookins and Stokes were Blood gang members and Stokes had the highest rank.Skip in SkipIn a separate federal case, Clayton pleaded guilty in 2016 to a charge of illegally possessing a Glock.40 pistol on or about April 14, 2015 cheap air jordan, days after the shooting of Kirsten. cheap air jordan

Fake Yeezys Phone records produced by Guy indicated that the neighbor called him, not vice versa. In a rebuttal, fiancee Rhonda Rouer repeated that Dunn did not tell her about the gun and that the neighbor called him and the shooting didn’t come up. Update: Rhonda Rouer confirms for prosecutor Erin Wolfson that Michael Dunn never told her of a gun, a stick or a barrel on the way to the hotel or at the hotel or on the way to Brevard County. Fake Yeezys

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